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Jilimvp Casino is a leading online betting site in Southeast Asia, known for providing top-notch entertainment experiences to millions of customers. With continuous efforts to improve and innovate, Jilimvp aims to offer the best possible gaming experience for players. The casino has gained trust and support from a large number of users due to its reliability and high-quality services. Jilimvp Casino offers a wide range of games, attractive promotions, and a user-friendly interface to ensure that players have an enjoyable and seamless gaming experience.

Introduction to JILIMVP

Overview of Jilimvp

Jilimvp is a subsidiary of the WJpeso Philippines online betting group, a leading group in entertainment and online betting in the Southeast Asia region. Established in 2020, Jilimvp launched with a Beta version of the InHouse game and officially released a separate full version from WJpeso Casino.

Jilimvp Casino’s headquarters are located in Manila, Philippines, where the online betting market is strong with the dominance of the East Asia Solaire Casino group, holding over 90% market share.

Licenses and Certifications

Jilimvp is licensed by PAGCOR Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, the regulatory body for licensing betting activities in the Philippines. Additionally, Jilimvp also holds licenses and certifications from reputable organizations such as GLI Gaming Laboratories International, MGA Malta Gaming Authority, and CEZA Cagayan Economic Zone Authority.

Having these licenses and certifications not only ensures the legality of Jilimvp’s business operations but also reflects the company’s commitment to service quality, safety, and transparency in its activities.

Partners of Jilimvp

Jilimvp Casino has over 60 top game providers, including well-known brands like FaChai game, JDB gaming, and KA game. Collaborating with these reputable partners helps Jilimvp offer players a diverse, engaging, and high-quality game portfolio.

Additionally, Jilimvp partners with various leading financial, payment, and technology service providers to ensure that players’ transactions are carried out quickly, securely, and conveniently.


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Vision and Mission of Jilimvp Casino

Vision of Jilimvp Casino

The vision of Jilimvp Casino is to become a leading online betting platform in the Southeast Asia region, trusted and chosen by players as a reputable and high-quality entertainment destination. To achieve this vision, Jilimvp continuously strives to improve and enhance its services, expand its operations, and partner network across the region. The goal of Jilimvp is to be the top choice for players, loved and trusted by all.

Mission of Jilimvp Casino

The mission of Jilimvp Casino is to provide players with excellent and safe entertainment experiences through offering quality, fair, and transparent online betting services. Jilimvp is committed to prioritizing the interests of players, constantly improving service quality, diversifying games and features, while ensuring safety and security for player transactions.

Core Values of Jilimvp Casino

The core values of Jilimvp Casino include:

👑 Quality: Jilimvp is committed to providing high-quality services and games that meet the needs and expectations of players.

👑 Fairness: Jilimvp always ensures fairness and transparency in games, transactions, and business operations.

👑 Safety: Jilimvp identifies safety and security as top priorities, optimizing the protection of player information and assets.

Jilimvp’s creativity constantly innovates, providing players with new and exciting experiences. Jilimvp operates responsibly, adhering to laws and committing to contribute to the development of the online betting industry.


Beautiful and unique interface

Jilimvp Casino is designed with a beautiful, modern, and unique interface, creating an attractive and engaging feeling for players right from the first encounter. The interface is optimized to provide a comfortable and easy gaming experience on all devices, from desktop computers to mobile devices.

Moreover, Jilimvp also offers many unique features such as diverse gameplay, impressive sound and visual effects, allowing players to enjoy excellent entertainment experiences.

Smooth gaming app, fast loading speed

Jilimvp Casino’s gaming app is designed and developed by a professional technical team, ensuring smooth operation and fast loading speed on all devices. Players do not have to wait long to load games or perform financial transactions.

This provides an excellent gaming experience, allowing players to focus on enjoying the games without being affected by speed or performance issues of the app.

Professional 24/7 customer support service

Jilimvp Online Casino always values providing professional and dedicated customer support services. The support team at Jilimvp Online Casino operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to answer any questions and provide timely assistance to players.

Players can contact Jilimvp Online Casino through channels such as email, live chat, or phone for quick and efficient support. With a professional and dedicated team, Jilimvp Online Casino is committed to providing an excellent service experience for players.

Fast Withdrawal and Deposit Speeds

At Jilimvp Online Casino, deposit and withdrawal transactions are processed quickly and securely. Players can conduct financial transactions at super-fast speeds, allowing them to continue playing without long waits.

Jilimvp Online Casino’s payment system is integrated with various popular payment methods, such as bank cards, e-wallets, and other online payment methods. This allows players to choose the most suitable and convenient payment method.

A Variety of Hot Bonus Games on the Market

Jilimvp Online Casino offers a diverse and attractive portfolio of games, including popular genres like fighting games, server-player combat games, and a variety of themed slot games.

3D multiplayer fighting games like Tongits Go, Pusoy Go, Pool Rummy, MiniFlush, Blackjack Lucky Ladies, and Blackjack provide exciting and challenging gaming experiences.

Additionally, server-player combat games like Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Red Black War, Supreme Racing are also offered by Jilimvp Online Casino, providing players with opportunities for new challenges and discoveries.

Jilimvp Online Casino offers a diverse range of slot games with popular themes such as The Avenger, Journey to the West, God of Wealth, Pirate King, Classic Fruits, and Buffalo Valley, providing players with many attractive choices.

Security is a top priority at Jilimvp Online Casino.

They utilize advanced security technologies and adhere to international standards to ensure maximum safety for players’ information and assets.

Financial transactions at Jilimvp Online Casino are conducted through secure and reliable payment channels, encrypted to protect players’ personal information. Additionally, strict security measures are in place to prevent fraudulent activities or unauthorized access.

Jilimvp’s Partners


1. Game Provider

Jilimvp Online Casino has partnerships with over 60 leading game providers, boasting brands like FaChai Game, JDB Gaming, and KA Game. This venture grants Jilimvp Online Casino a wide catalogue of high-quality and immersive games for players to enjoy.
These game providers are highly reputable veterans in the industry. They actively research, innovate, and develop to fulfill the ever-changing needs of the gaming world.

2. Financial Service Provider

Jilimvp Online Casino also works with credible financial service providers like Banco de Oro BDO Unibank, Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company Metrobank, Bank of the Philippine Islands BPI, Land Bank of the Philippines LandBank, Philippine National Bank PNB, and GrabPay, among others. These partnerships facilitate convenient, secure, and diverse payment methods.
Such financial partners are distinguished and steadfast in the fiscal sector. They provide seamless and secure financial transactions, integrity, and reliability.

3. Technology Partner

Jilimvp Casino collaborates not only with game provider WJPESO CASINO and financial services but also partners with leading technology companies in the industry. This helps Jilimvp implement the latest and most advanced technologies into its operations, from developing gaming applications to securing information and payments.

Jilimvp’s technology partners are reputable companies with experience and deep understanding of the IT field. This collaboration helps Jilimvp continuously improve and enhance the quality of its services, providing the best gaming experience for players.


4. Marketing Partner

To introduce and promote its services to players, Jilimvp also partners with 188JILI CASINO. These partners help Jilimvp build effective marketing strategies, quickly and widely reaching its products to a large number of players.

Collaborating with marketing partners helps Jilimvp strengthen brand awareness, attract new players, and maintain relationships with current customers. Additionally, this also helps Jilimvp expand its market and achieve sustainable growth in the online gaming industry.

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Here is some information about Jilimvp Online Casino, one of the leading and reputable addresses in the field of online gaming in Vietnam. With an extraordinary vision and mission, Jilimvp not only provides players with great entertainment experiences but also commits to delivering quality, safe, and reliable services.

Through various strategic partnerships, Jilimvp has built a comprehensive, diverse, and rich online gaming ecosystem, catering to all players’ needs and preferences. Additionally, the application of advanced technology and a team of professional, dedicated staff help Jilimvp stay ahead in providing the best online gaming services.

If you are passionate about online gaming and looking for a trustworthy, high-quality, and diverse gaming destination, experience Jilimvp Online Casino today to explore the pinnacle of online gaming world.

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